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Appointment Lists

Chapter 37 to the Government Code provides procedures for the appointment of attorneys ad litem, guardians ad litem, mediators and guardians in counties with a population of 25,000 or more. Thus, the statute applies to both Waller and Grimes Counties. It applies to any court created by the Texas Constitution or by statute or that is authorized by statute.

Government Code Sec. 37.003 requires courts to establish and maintain lists of: 1) all attorneys who are qualified to serve as an attorney ad litem and are registered with the court, 2) all attorneys and other persons who are qualified to serve as a guardian ad litem and are registered with the court, 3) all persons who are registered with the court to serve as a mediator, and 4) all attorneys and private professional guardians who are qualified to serve as a guardian as defined by Section 1002.012, Estates Code, and are registered with the court.

Attorneys and others wishing to be placed on one of the lists should consult with Section 37.003, which requires the person to be qualified to serve in that capacity and register with the court.

Courts are permitted to appoint persons who are not next on the list or who are not on the list but meet the statutory or other requirements necessary for the appointment in two instances. The first is when the parties have agreed on the person and the court approves of the appointment. The other is on a finding of good cause, if the appointment is required on a complex matter, because the person has relevant specialized education, training, certification, skill, language proficiency or knowledge of the subject matter, has relevant prior involvement with the parties, or is in a relevant geographic location.

The lists maintained by the courts are required to be posted annually at the courthouse of the county in which the court is located and on any Internet website of the court. The lists on this page do not include attorneys for indigent defense appointment. See Indigent Defense on this website for more information on criminal appointments.

The lists are maintained by the 506th Judicial District Court by county. Please see below for the county lists.

Click on the link below for an Application for Attorney Listing under Chapter 37 of the Texas Government Code.

Chapter 37 Attorney Listing Application


Grimes County Mediators